Custom Orders

How To Submit & Request Custom Orders

Custom Orders are at the “Heart” of our Handcrafted Jewelry Business.  We truly care about our Customers and want you to have exactly what you most want and need!  If there is something special that you wish to have for yourself or someone in your life you have but to ASK!

Is there something beautiful you wish to have made that is not only unique, but also includes the stone energies that you specifically need in your life…. Or in the life of someone you care about?

Please just fill out, and submit, the form below and we will personally call you to discuss what you would like handcrafted especially for you, using exactly the stones that are uniquely suited to what you are trying to heal or manifest in your life… or the life of someone you care about.  Or if there is a special piece of jewelry, with a certain stone you particularly love or are drawn to, we can create that too.

Every Custom Order includes a Personal Consultation with Melanie and/or Mike based on what you are specifically looking for.  Remember, Mike is a premiere Lapadarist who can cut, polish and set any stone you choose in a beautifully designed setting.  Melanie is a Reiki Master that has a special connection to the energetic properties of the gemstones they work with, as well as to you as a Customer, and she also creates beautiful designs. Sometimes by speaking with you, Melanie is able to read YOUR energy and be better attuned to what you energetically need.  Mike and Melanie have designed everything from Wedding Rings to special jewelry for those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) and post-partum depression….as well as those joyfully looking to manifest their highest goals and biggest dreams.  Together, Mike & Melanie will create exactly what you are hoping for!

Fill Out & Submit Form Below

You will generally hear back from us in less than 48 hours.  We look forward to connecting with you!