Sun Spirit Gems Jewelry

Divinely Created, Beautifully Crafted…

Story of the Stone

The Story of every stone that is reverently placed into a Sun Spirit Gems setting begins deep below the crusty surface of the Earth many, many years ago.  The miraculous creation of each stone has taken thousands, or millions of years to be formed and shaped by Mother Earth’s tempestuous nature.  Sometimes fiery, sometimes frozen.  Sometimes years of peaceful layers being laid as she grows and witnesses the change of many seasons, only to be disrupted by extreme pressures that cause her to change yet again.  Mother Earth has been through a lot to bring you these unique and special treasures.

Stone to Setting

Mike and Melanie Duncombe believe that every stone is special, and treat each one with the deference and respect that something created over eons of time deserves.  Every stone has its own unique characteristics and spirit that make it unlike any other stone.  Mike and Melanie have a gift for taking a stone from its untouched, natural state and transforming it into beautiful, artisan jewelry that brings joy to the wearer. 

Mike & Melanie believe that every stone has energetic properties that not only create visually stunning jewelry, but that can affect our very hearts and souls.  The “Spirit of the Stones,” or energetic properties, can bring Peace, Joy, Protection, Intuition, Abundance, Divine Connection and Spiritual Guidance, among many other benefits described in Robert Simmons “Book of Stones.”

After Mike and Melanie have chosen a rough stone to work with, Mike carefully examines the stone before deciding how to cut it in a way that will maximize its beauty and spirit.  Once the stone is cut into cross-section slabs Melanie carefully, and meticulously chooses which part of the stone will be used for which piece of jewelry.  The stone is then returned to Mike to cut out the shapes that Melanie has outlined on the stones, and he begins to shape and polish them.

Mike uses many different kinds of tools to accomplish this with loving care for each individual piece.  Once each stone has been shaped and polished to perfection it is ready to be crafted into a uniquely gorgeous piece of jewelry.

Mike and Melanie will both tell you that as they “listen” to each stone, it will whisper to them about how to perfectly showcase its unique beauty.  They have a loving affinity and reverence for these intriguing stones which each represent their own mysterious past and miracle of creation. 

As Mike and Melanie listen to what each stone shares with them, the beauty of the stone now becomes a masterpiece of creation that others can immerse themselves in as well.  Much love and good energy is infused into each creation as it is worked upon, and Melanie as a Reiki Master, also blesses each piece of beautifully hand-crafted jewelry as it leaves their hands on its journey to find you.

Legends of the Stone

Throughout time, and from one corner of the world to another, stones have been a part of many spiritual customs and beliefs.  The Egyptian Goddess Isis was said to protect the dead with a Carnelian Amulet named Thet. Greek Mythology extols Amethyst as a stone capable of granting spiritual protection from intoxication, and also speaks of Garnet as a stone that can, through divine influence, heal emotional rifts between lovers.

The ancient Japanese, who revered dragons in their creation myths, believed Quartz was formed from the breath of a pure white dragon and represented perfection that we should all strive towards.  Quartz played instrumental roles in the rain rituals of Native Americans and Australian Aborigines halfway around the world from each other.  The Aborigines also believed in a Spiritual Personage they called the “Rainbow Snake” which was symbolized by Quartz Crystals; as was the “Divine Rock” that guided the “Cosmic Anaconda, Creator of Life” to the Desana of the Columbian Amazon in South America.

Through the ages, interwoven into ancient legends and mythology across time and every country and continent around the world, the mineral kingdom offers tales of humanity’s divine connection amplified with the assistance of treasured stones.

The Science of the Stone

All solid matter is made up of atomic particles arranged in some definite organized crystalline structure, called a lattice, that provides stability and structure and regularity of flow of any electromagnetic energies that move through it.  This is why silicon chips are used to provide memory in computers, and why Quartz crystals can be incorporated into watches and clocks to provide highly accurate measurements of time.  Certain crystals can act as resonators and transducers of electromagnetic energies.

The DNA molecule present in each cell of all living organisms is itself a hexagonal crystal structure.  The crystal lattice structure of these infinitesimally thin threads is so strong that the codes of life which give each organism its form ad character have been carried by it through billions of years of evolution.

Biophysicists are now suggesting that the physical bodies of human beings and other organisms are liquid crystals.  A liquid crystal is defined as a liquid whose component articles, atoms or molecules, tend to arrange themselves with a degree of order far exceeding that found in ordinary liquids and approaching that of solid crystals.

Biophysicist Mae-Wan Ho writes; “Organisms are so dynamically coherent at the molecular level that they appear to be crystalline…Liquid crystallinity gives organisms their characteristic flexibility, exquisite sensitivity and responsiveness, thus optimizing the rapid, noiseless intercommunication that enables the organism to function as a coherent, coordinated whole.  The organism is coherent beyond our wildest dreams.  Every part is in communication with every other part through a dynamic, tunable, responsive liquid crystalline medium that pervades the whole body, from organs and tissues to the interior of every cell.”

So, (quoting Robert Simmons), “we are not so different, so separate from the inorganic world of minerals… If we ourselves are crystals, composed of coherent structures approaching that of solid crystals, yet retaining the greater flexibility of liquid crystallinity, it is easier to imagine how an energy flow from a stone could be received and perceived by our own mind/body.”

Source: You can Read more about this in Robert Simmons “Book of Stones.”

Spirit of the Stone

“There are many examples that throughout history humanity has held an awareness that certain stones offer access to spiritual beings and Divine energies.  Today’s widespread interest in the metaphysical properties of stones has picked up many of these old threads and is beginning to weave them into a tapestry of deeper understanding.”   ~ Robert Simmons

Both Mike & Melanie believe in, and have a reverence for, “the spirit of the stone.”  The name “Sun Spirit Gems” came from the believe that as the sun awakens life in plants, it also brings to life the spirit of the stone when it’s warmth reaches down from Heaven and touches the earth.

Mike and Melanie believe that each stone is on its own journey and deserves to be treated with the respect due to all of the divine’s creations.  They believe that stones hate to have their brilliance locked away, just as we do, and that if they are treated with reverence and compassion the spirit of the stone will be amplified and extended to those who come into contact with them “with intention”.

Mike believes that the way you treat each stone is important, and he summed his feelings up beautifully when he stated that “Each of us have the ability to unlock the spirit of the stone and be part of sculpting its energy and beauty… The stones will reflect our own beauty if we allow that.”

Melanie feels that each stone has a story that is unique and special.  She believes that each piece of jewelry is created for someone that the spirit of the stones are reaching out to and calling towards them. She feels honored to be part of each stone’s journey and feels a strong energetic connection to each stone as it chooses its path to perfection.

Is there a special piece of jewelry that has been energetically created especially for you?  Do you feel the spirit of the stone calling to you?  Search our site “with intention” and feel what energetically connects and resonates with you!