Fadden Quartz

Faden Quartz is a premier healing stone as its crystals are highly programmable, making it possible to increase their healing abilities with clear, focused intention.

These crystals also retain their programming for more extended periods than other stones. Because of their high energy, these crystals are also ideal for consciousness expansion and for reaching higher vibrational planes.

Faden Quartz crystals are a valuable tool for protection from physical disruption, both for individuals and real places. They can act as a vibrational bandage and are powerful for bridging energetic breaks in the energy field, and the structure of the body. They can assist in healing the etheric body and auric field, which also catalyzes physical healing.

Faden Quartz stimulates and re-energizes one after an energetic breach, supporting one in regaining one’s power and vibratory level and strength.

Healing, Protection, Connection between Physical Self and Higher Self