Chrysocolla is the Crown Jewel

Communication is king…

…and Chrysocolla is the crowned jewel for just that!

Color: Blue-Green

Chakra: Throat (5th), Heart (3rd)

Indigenous: South Western USA, Chile, Australia, France, England

Energetic Properties: Communication, Self-Expression, Divine Connection, Truth, Calming, Gentleness, Power, Release of Stress

Every living creature communicates in some form or fashion- whether by sound, color, vibration, or movement. But what sets us apart from any other living organism is our ability to speak. Words are powerful. So powerful, they are the very essence of the creation of our reality. We can see clearly how words affect not just our own lives but in our communities and on a global scale as well—looking back in history at the many powerful major influencers that have created peace and destruction – all by the power of speech.

Chrysocolla is a powerful stone to use when communicating thoughts, feelings, and ideas. It is used for activation of the heart and throat chakra. This majestic blue-green beauty is made from the copper mineral, which provides the stone with extra healing properties. This soothing, calming yet powerful stone can help open the channel between higher consciousness allowing for a peaceful expression of self that is entirely void of fear and anger, and criticism.

Have a Chrysocolla piece next to you as you practice your yoga routine to promote balance and harmony. Wear a piece of Chrysocolla during mantras and meditations to increase the clarity of your desires and intentions. Keep Chrysocolla in your pocket before and during a speech to have confidence and clarity of thought.

Think of the beautiful life you can create by being consciously connected with the Divine, to live a more loving, peaceful life.