Connection with Chrysoprase

Get to the heart of connection with Chrysoprase!

Color:  Green

Chakra: Heart (4th), Solar Plexus (3rd)

Element: Water

Indigenous: Poland, Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, Russia, and the USA

Energetic Properties: Growth, Compassion, Forgiveness, Altruism, Connection to Nature and the Divine

Right now, Chrysoprase is the perfect stone to be using all-around your personal space. It represents a change of heart and helps foster positive, healing thoughts toward each other and Earth Mother. Think of this stone as the healer of all turmoil and cleanser of negative thinking. Metaphysically, Chrysoprase can help remove repetitive thoughts that attract unwanted situations and replace them with thoughts of self-acceptance, courage, and confidence. Chrysoprase emanates the Divine’s energy, which allows one to receive the infinite love and abundance of the universe. It is helpful for those who suffer from depression to raising their vibration from a dark, hopeless state, re-establishing one’s sense of self-worth and healing feelings of separation and isolation.

Chrysoprase also has a wonderful effect on the body. Just as it can eliminate negative energy in the mind, it is terrific to use as a stimulant to the liver and kidneys to detoxify and eliminate waste from the body. Chrysoprase helps to support general healing regeneration. It gently reminds us to take a break from our busy day to day life and encourages us to relax and enjoy this one life we have to live.